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Name:Wally Ballou
Birthdate:Sep 23
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Some Facts/What This Means to You
I am what you want me to be

Personal: You're soaking in it.
Fiction: (coming soon)

Having a stroke? Act F.A.S.T.

Interests (150):

alt.folklore.urban, antidepressants, anxiety, archy and mehitabel, asian cuisine, bdsm, berthillon, bistros, black 47, bleeding heart liberalism, bob and ray, boro park, breadmaking, brooklyn, brooklyn cyclones, cadbury creme eggs, caffeine, chef!, city life, comma-delimited lists, competitive sausage racing, cookery, cooking, crohn's disease, cub, cuddling, cynicism, dark ages england, david sedaris, delicious cheeses, devastatingly clever interests, dirty sweet lovin', discworld, dr. bronner's magic soap, edged weapons, egg creams, etiquette, everything2, feminism, fencing, food network, freedom to marry, french onion soup, gena, gennifer flowers, girls with glasses, glam rock, good eats, grammar, green slime syndrome, home cooking, hot showers, hours-long jungle sex, intj, jeopardy!, jewish geography, jewish rappers, judaica, kissing, kitsch, knowledge, langston hughes, language learning, leadbelly, lenny bruce, making out, manhattan special, medical oddities, minimal meat, mink lungs, miss manners, moleskine, mst3k, multilingualism, my kitty, mythbusters, neuroses, new york city, new york rangers, non-masturbatory self-abuse, old english, oxford comma, paper airplanes, paul lynde, philip the foole, politics, practicing unlicensed psychology, private displays of affection, pro-choice, procrastinating, public displays of affection, public transportation, redheads, renewable energy, reproductive rights, rocky & bullwinkle, romantic text messages, rough sex, sarcasm, schoolhouse rock, sex, sexual freedom, shavian alphabet, skee ball, sleeping, smart girls, social anxiety, solresol, sourdough, sourdough bread, spelling my interests correctly, st. john's wort, stand-up comedy, stand-up philosophy, stand-up sex, stand-up tragedy, steak frites, steampunk, stephen colbert, subrosa, sylvia plath effect, tea, terry pratchett, the internet oracle, the kabalas, the marx brothers, the mets (when winning), they might be giants, thunderstorms, tmbg, trader joe's, tricksters, tv tropes, urban legends, urban living, useless trivia, vincilagnia, volapuk, wankel rotary engine, wellbutrin, werewolf historians, wikipedia, william blake, william hogarth, women's rights, worst jobs in history, writing, xanax, yahoo serious,
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